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Obstacle or Opportunity

As a dog trainer in San Francisco, we spend a lot of time talking to people. Our approach and philosophy on dog training allows us to take an intimate look into the lives of the dogs that we train...and their owners. Often times, when it comes to behavioral issues with dogs, we find the owners

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Help! My dog charges the door when the doorbell rings…

Does the ding dong of the doorbell turn your dog into a real ding dong? Does the UPS man stand back at the curb to deliver your packages, for fear that your little Cujo might bust through the door? Or were the trick-or-treaters in for a real, live horror house at Halloween? Barking, growling, rushing

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Baby Steps: Nero’s First Year

I remember the day we put the deposit check in the mail like it was yesterday. All the nervous anticipation and excitement…it didn't quite feel real. Unlike when we adopted Luna, this was a "planned pregnancy." I remember as we drove up the long driveway to go pick him up…we had been counting down to

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