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Should I Use a Squirt Bottle to Train My Dog?

The brief answer? No. But I'm sure you clicked on this link wanting a little bit more than "no" for an answer :). A little disclaimer first, we are Balanced Dog Trainers. What that means is that we use motivation and reinforcement to teach your dog a behavior that we want. On the flip side, we

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Check out Chester’s Off Leash Obedience!

Just two short months ago, Chester and his family came to us to get training help for Chester's fearful and anxious behaviors. Chester was leash reactive to dogs and some strangers and had a bad habit of destroying things or breaking out of his crate when he was left alone. I'm very excited to say

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Dog Desensitization and Counterconditioning

A few short months ago, the little cutie in the picture above, Rocky Balboa (on the right), was so fearful that he would not walk on leash. Today was a big day for Mr. Balboa! We worked some desensitization and counterconditioning with Rocky, using our dogs, Nero and Luna. In a controlled, low distraction environment,

Meet some of our new clients…

Meet some of the latest members of the Koru K9 Dog Training pack! You can view their profiles here: Kiro, Duke, Hans and Koopa. A sneak peak at some of the things that these lucky dogs will be working on: Loose leash walking / eliminating leash reactivity Dog obedience training Rules, boundaries, structure and leadership

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