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Diego and Maya Graduate

Congratulations to Diego and Maya on graduating today! These guys have made some amazing progress...which is all thanks to their parents hard work and dedication to training! Read Diego and Maya's mom's review of us: "We just completed five sessions with Ray and our two large Estrela Mountain Dogs. Ray changed our lives!! We had

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Smudge and Dewey Learning the Place Command

How does your dog behave when visitors come into your home? Smudge and Dewey's parents came to us for help with their territorial/fear aggression towards humans. Smudge wasn't exactly a fan of people coming into her home, which is why we are using the muzzle as a safety back up. The place command, though seemingly

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Grimm the German Shepherd Graduates!

What a difference a few months makes! Remember Grimm, the German Shepherd with severe aggression? Take a quick peek at Grimm back in January when we first met him and then a peek at him today. What an amazing transformation! Ray (co-owner, lead behaviorist and resident aggression expert) worked with Grimm and his family to

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