Behavior Modification

Smudge and Dewey Learning the Place Command

How does your dog behave when visitors come into your home? Smudge and Dewey's parents came to us for help with their territorial/fear aggression towards humans. Smudge wasn't exactly a fan of people coming into her home, which is why we are using the muzzle as a safety back up. The place command, though seemingly

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Grimm the German Shepherd Graduates!

What a difference a few months makes! Remember Grimm, the German Shepherd with severe aggression? Take a quick peek at Grimm back in January when we first met him and then a peek at him today. What an amazing transformation! Ray (co-owner, lead behaviorist and resident aggression expert) worked with Grimm and his family to

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Meet Grimm the German Shepherd

Grimm is a 1.5 year old German Shepherd whose owners contacted us due to his aggression and bite history. They had been told by other trainers that there was no help for him. Grimm's family loves him dearly and did not want to give up on him just yet, so they called us. This video

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Threshold Training

How many of you have had one of THOSE know the kind, you wake up late and then everything seems to start going wrong. You're trying to get ready, eat breakfast and get out the door. You're late, you're stressed and you're frazzled. You jump in the car to go to work and your

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Rocco’s Off Leash Heel

Rocco came to us after having some biting issues, barking at strangers and overall energy management needs. In Rocco's mind, there was a lack of distinction between the parents and the kids in his household. Rocco understood that his parents were in charge, but didn't understand that the kids weren't his "peers." His owners had

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A Leash Reactive Dog with a New “Leash” on Life!

Less than one month ago, Nicklas' mom came to us looking for help with his severe leash reactivity. To quote her, he "lunged and barked like a lunatic." After completing several group dog training classes as well as private sessions with another San Francisco dog trainer, they had only seen marginal progress and the reactivity

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Leash Reactivity

I have a confession...I'm watching you. When I am out with my dogs, I pay attention to how you interact with your dog, if your dog is in tune to you or completely disconnected. If he is happy or scared or anxious. If you are stressed or having fun. In the dog training business a

Threshold Training with Raider

Check out Raider during his Initial Evaluation session. This sweet guy gave his parents some grief on walks, so spent most of his time in the backyard. His parents wanted to be able to provide him with proper exercise, so gave us a call. Here they are working on thresholds. Threshold training seems simple, but

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