Dog Obedience

How To Teach Your Dog Boundaries

Like any healthy relationship -- clearly communicated boundaries are a GOOD thing ?. Many dog owners dream of having a dog ? they can take everywhere, let them do anything. ?All without any rules, structure, or boundaries, without earning the freedoms the dogs are afforded. But many times those exact freedoms are the things that are a detriment to

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Teach Your Dog a Place Command

The Place sounds so simple. Go lay down on your bed and wait to be released. So seemingly simple...but really not at all! The Place Command is an obedience command that we use as a protocol for when visitors come over. It's fantastic when used in rehabilitating dogs with fear based issues or aggression

Grimm the German Shepherd Graduates!

What a difference a few months makes! Remember Grimm, the German Shepherd with severe aggression? Take a quick peek at Grimm back in January when we first met him and then a peek at him today. What an amazing transformation! Ray (co-owner, lead behaviorist and resident aggression expert) worked with Grimm and his family to

One-Day Dog Training Seminar

We are SUPER excited to announce that we will be hosting a one-day Handler Seminar by the one and only Jonathan Katz! Jonathan is a renown dog trainer and the owner and training director of Chicago Canine Company. Jonathan and his dog, Uzi, are one of 13 handler teams in the world to have achieved

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Threshold Training

How many of you have had one of THOSE know the kind, you wake up late and then everything seems to start going wrong. You're trying to get ready, eat breakfast and get out the door. You're late, you're stressed and you're frazzled. You jump in the car to go to work and your

Leash Reactivity

I have a confession...I'm watching you. When I am out with my dogs, I pay attention to how you interact with your dog, if your dog is in tune to you or completely disconnected. If he is happy or scared or anxious. If you are stressed or having fun. In the dog training business a

Threshold Training with Raider

Check out Raider during his Initial Evaluation session. This sweet guy gave his parents some grief on walks, so spent most of his time in the backyard. His parents wanted to be able to provide him with proper exercise, so gave us a call. Here they are working on thresholds. Threshold training seems simple, but

Bailey’s Off Leash Training Day

Bailey the Pit Bull was loving life yesterday during our training session! She was heeling, off leash in a moderate distraction environment, then worked on long down-stays with recall into a sit. Not only are we working on these off leash basics, but we are working on building engagement between Bailey and her dad. Bailey

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