Puppy Training

Balanced Dog Training

The unfortunate truth is that the world of dog training is hugely divided. We are all in this business because we love, respect and want to help dogs, but somehow the human ego has gotten in the way and created an industry with a lot of contempt and childish name calling being thrown around. Quite

Is Your Dog the Boss?

We’ve all had THAT Boss. You know the one...you like him, he’s a nice enough guy...but, well, when it comes right down to it, he’s just a horrible boss. You end up doing all the things that your Boss is supposed to do...tasks that you never wanted to do, don’t feel comfortable doing and aren’t

Dog Parks and Socialization

I could watch my dogs run and play and have fun for hours. There is this pure freedom and childlike quality that just puts a smile on anybody’s face watching them. That being said, I strongly dislike dog parks and advise our clients against going to them. Yes, you heard me correctly... Dog parks are

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Crate Training your Puppy or Dog

Crates often get a bad rap, particularly in new dog owners. As humans, we view them in this prison-like manner. But remember, your dog is, well...a DOG. He doesn’t know about San Quentin, Alcatraz, the hole or striped uniforms. What he does know is that his little lizard brain tells him that he should seek

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Proper Socialization for your Dog

You just brought home a new dog or puppy from a breeder or rescue organization...what is the first thing everybody tells you? You HAVE to socialize the dog! Take the puppy to puppy classes! Take your dog to the dog park! Whatever you do...make sure you get your dog around other dogs and in as

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Consistency is Key

You think to yourself, “Oh, just this once, Fido looks so cute. I’ll let him [insert behavior here]...just this once.” Fess up...how many of you are guilty? And how many of you were aggravated the next time Fido repeated that behavior? You know what I’m going to say, right? As a dog owner you must

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