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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Join us for an obedience class in a real world environment, focusing on working the basics of obedience and handler engagement with distraction. This class is open to beginners and a great way for dog owners to work through real world challenges and engagement, in a controlled environment.
This class will focus on dog & human introductions, rules of conduct, having clients talk about their training goals/issues, sit, structured heel, take it/leave it, down, place and reactivity exercises.

*All new clients MUST sign up with Koru K9 prior to attending a Group Class.

Please email to be signed up.*

Payment Information:

  • PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Credit Cards, and checks.
  • If you prefer to pay by check, please make checks payable to Koru K9.
  • Payment is due upon arrival of the class.
  • Please note: all sales are final, per our contract we do not offer refunds.

What you need to know

About The Instructor

Annette Johnson

Annette is passionate about teaching other dog owners how to experience the very best in their unique bond with their K9s. Annette’s love of dogs started with Betsy the Beagle. After Betsy, she has had several dogs, all of different breeds, sizes and temperaments from Baloo the Springer Spaniel, Whilee the Akita, Coyote, German Shepherd mix, Impulse the mutt, Mater the Golden Retriever and Thor the Mastiff mix. Annette currently has two purebred Italian Mastiffs, Stella and Nero.

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