We are constantly in a state of growth and looking for the right people to join our team. In the past, we have sought out the best of the best. But, we also love a good success story, and giving the right people an opportunity to have the career of their dreams.

We will be searching for “green” trainers who we think have excellent potential. Those trainers will be matched with a Mentor trainer from our existing Koru K9 training team. Depending on their level of experience, there will be a period of time where they will be shadowing the mentor trainer through various client sessions. This is to help them understand how, and why we do what we do at Koru K9.

Once the Mentor Trainer feels they are ready to take on their first client, the office team will set up an On Board Lesson with both trainers.

If you think that you would be a good fit for our Koru K9 Mentor Program, email us today at Bridget@koruk9.com. If you are looking just for additional dog training schooling without the commitment to become a Koru K9 trainer through our Mentor program, Visit our Become a Dog trainer link for more information.