Check out Cora! Cora is a Terrier mix who lives in Napa that was displaying some classic fear aggressive behaviors. When a dog is afraid of something (people), typically they want to get away from it. But when flight isn’t an option, some dogs flip into “fight” mode to try to defend themselves from the perceived threat. Nip and run is typically the M.O. of these dogs. When people entered into Cora’s home; her barking never stopped, she had nipped and was reactive towards dogs. Cora and her family had worked with two other trainers without much success.

LOOK AT HER NOW! This sweet girl is no longer reactive on leash, nor is she barking or going bonkers when people come into the home. This is a video of Cora, doing some pretty sweet off leash obedience.

Huge props to Cora and her family for putting in the consistency and dedication into their training program!