We are a team of experience dog trainers who are passionate about training trainers!

Who This Program Is For

The Balanced School for Dog Trainers is for everybody! Whether you are looking to start your career in dog training, or experienced trainers looking to expand their knowledge, and grow their own business, we have programs to suit your needs. Each of our programs are hands-on with actual client dogs, and one-on-one with one of our highly experienced, and successful trainers at Koru K9 dog training. We have programs for the beginner, or the trainer with years of experience, and all programs can be customized to fit your needs and goals.

You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of breeds, and behaviors, and gain valuable, hands on experience with them. You will be given the opportunity to be a part of a reputable dog training organization, and be immersed in the day-to-day life of successful trainers. Tools that are invaluable to the new or experienced trainer alike.

Founded in 2013, Koru K9 has quickly grown to be an industry leader in dog training and behavior modification. We are committed to continually pushing industry standards, and leading the way in proper education of our clients, and now to dog trainers. This is a unique opportunity to see a dog training business from the grounds up, and really “get your hands dirty.”

Introduction Training Program

  • This program will be our prerequisite and base for all other programs. If the student can provide proof of successful completion of another reputable dog training school, they can be approved to opt out of this program. This program is a 1-week instruction, and include hands on experience with our actual client dogs, our staff dogs, and the student’s own dog.
  • Our introduction program will detail the fundamentals of balanced dog training to include:
  • Classical and Operant Conditioning / Quadrants
  • Marker Training
  • Obedience training (luring, free shaping, spacial pressure, leash pressure)
  • Relationship, motivation, and engagement development
  • Training tools
  • Management and safety strategies
  • The course will include reading materials, and access to the online version of this course (once that is developed)
  • $1583.80
  • + Application fees

Proper Use of Prong and Remote Collars

  • Many trainers use tools as the “hammer” in their training. Discover the fine art of true balanced training with low level e-collar training, and proper prong usage through sound understanding of the tools, and appropriate introduction to a training system. Whether it be introduction to a primarily rewards based method, or introduction into a behavior modification program. This program will be 3-days in duration, and you will receive hands on instruction with actual client dogs.
  • $1069.30
  • + Application fee + cost of your own prong and e-collar if you do not have one for your own dog

Behavior Modification Training Program

  • This is a hands-on course that focuses on our holistic approach to dealing with mild to severe behavior issues. Students will gain hands-on experience with our client dogs, staff dogs, and their own personal dogs. Including:
    • Dog Aggression
    • Human Aggression
    • Resource Guarding
    • Leash Reactivity
    • Anxiety
    • Fear based behavior issues
  • This program will cover the various types of aggression
    • Dominance
    • Resource Guarding
    • Fear Aggression
    • Fear Biters
    • Territorial
    • Prey
    • Multidimensional aggression (several types combined)
  • Topics to include defining types of aggression, strategies for successful rehabilitation and/or management, how foundation work plays a role in behavior modification, how to train clients, body language. Students will learn that our approach is not the “band aid” solution of targeting the problem behavior, rather looking at the entire picture and fixing it from the ground up.
  • The course will include reading materials, and access to the online version of this course (once that is developed).
  • $3641.80
  • Starting at + Application fee
  • 3-weeks: $3641.80 + application fees
  • 4-weeks: $4200 + application fees
  • 6-weeks: $6200 + application fees
  • 8-weeks: $8200 + application fees