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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Train to transform.

An effective combination of our in-home and board and train programs, our hybrid programs offer the best of both options to fit any training goal or behavior. It gives us the opportunity to train your dog and develop a foundation, and then to show you, in stages and steps, how to incorporate what we’ve taught your dog into your life. Hybrid training is our favourite option and our most recommended service!

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Koru was able to make the breakthrough for our 2 year old rescue! We had Hannah, and she was perfect for the job. Not only did she treat our little guy amazing, she had a lot of patience with teaching my...

Jordan Mathews | 4 days ago

I have an English chocolate lab rescue named Moose. He had reactivity issues from not being properly socialized in his previous home. I was lucky enough to have Aolanis as my trainer for Moose through ...

Arianna Goldstein | 5 days ago

We had a wonderful experience with Koru K9 and Victoria Rios as our trainer. Our Doberman-Pug mix Fernie is reactive and high-spirited. Victoria was awesome in teaching us how to work with Fernie's behav...

Betty Short | 4 days ago

My 3.5 year old German Shepherd went to board/train with Rich Cassens for 4 weeks. We had moved from a home into an apartment and the dog was struggling to adapt. Rich was fantastic throughout the 4 wee...

Ryan McDonald | 19 minutes ago

We adopted a super reactive pitbull/lab mix who would flip out anywhere near other dogs and people. We were connected with Sean Hagner through Koru K9, and after meeting with Sean we opted to do a 3-week...

Travis Ross | an hour ago

Maddie is amazing, I had a great experience with her board & train for my dog, Reese. Reese is dog reactive and Maddie worked with him to build his...

Jill B. | 2024-02-24 20:47:56

How it Works

Step One: Board & Train Program
Our Board and Train program is truly unique and unlike any other program out there. There are no kennels full of dogs sitting around waiting to train. Your dog will be one of 2 – 5 dogs living with one of our board and train trainers. We keep the program very small to ensure that your dog receives plenty of training, attention, play, and fun time. Just like with our in-home training, your dog will be trained in our trainer’s home and real-world locations — not a sterile kennel facility like most board and train programs.*

*Call to inquire more about your location’s facilities. Some trainers may offer kennel environments.

Step Two: Private Lessons
At the time of drop off, we begin with our approximate 2-hour Go-Home lesson. Now that your dog has spent a few weeks with us, it’s time for you to begin your training journey. This part of the program is very much about us training the humans. These programs come with the approximate 2-hour Go Home lesson, and additional 1-hour lessons to allow us the time to train you in a step-by-step manner.

Designed For:

Start the Transformation

Meet the Trainers

Our dog trainers are all hand-selected by Koru K9’s owners. All our dog trainers are highly experienced, dedicated, and successful trainers who have met our intensive screening process.

Denver Metro Team

Emily Czech

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 1
Seattle Team

Joey Zohn

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 1

Our dog trainers are all hand-selected by Koru K9’s owners. All our dog trainers are highly experienced, dedicated, and successful trainers who have met our intensive screening process.

Seattle Team

Damian Blanton

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 2
Austin Team

Trey LaCour

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 1
Northern California Team

Halle Tennison

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 1
Start the Transformation

Key Learnings

Heeling on leash (eliminate pulling, barking)

Off-leash obedience



Come / Recall


Out (drop it)

Crate training

Meal time etiquette

Doorway etiquette


Hybrid Training Programs Pricing
The Muttamorphisis $4,070
The Rover Reboot $4,485
The Total Transformation $5,150
The Complete Overhaul $7,315
New Beginnings (NEW!) $9,000
Puppy Power Head Start $3,400
The Perfect Puppy (NEW!) $7,480