Charlie was rescued about 2 1/2 years ago…his new mom fell in love with him the moment she met him. The day after she brought him home, however, she noticed he was exhibiting signs of fear aggression. Like many fearful dogs, he resorted to tactics that appear to be aggressive (growling, barking and baring teeth).

Charlie’s mom didn’t want to give up on him, so she tried a very expensive, three week board and train dog training camp. Unfortunately, she felt that Charlie wasn’t any different after the training program, other than knowing basic obedience commands. So, Charlie’s mom resorted to using a bark collar and, in desperation, she even tried putting Charlie on Prozac.

This is a video of Charlie today. He has completed three training sessions with us and is a much more calm and confident dog. No more bark collar, no more Prozac, just clear communication, structure and calm leadership. With the proper tools and foundation, Charlie has learned to become more calm and balanced and to focus on his mom.

SO proud of the work that Charlie and his mom have accomplished together…they make an awesome team!