Ready for real training?

Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Rocco came to us after having some biting issues, barking at strangers and overall energy management needs. In Rocco’s mind, there was a lack of distinction between the parents and the kids in his household. Rocco understood that his parents were in charge, but didn’t understand that the kids weren’t his “peers.”

His owners had some really clear cut goals for Rocco and his training. They live in a gorgeous area of Marin County with plenty of hiking, so wanted Rocco to be able to walk off leash, have 100% reliable recall (come when they call him), they wanted to work on his stay and duration work and to be able to behave around other dogs.

This is Rocco after our third session with him (of four session)! I’d say he is not only meeting his parent’s training goals, he’s exceeding them! Great job Rocco and family!