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Eloise’s history with Working Dogs date back to 2009 in the British Forces, followed by an ongoing career in Firefighting. Before her move from Britain to the USA in 2015, her main focus was Accelerant Detection Canines. Arson roles in the US are commonly filled by Law Enforcement, due to this, she found herself delving into apprehension training. Over the years, she’s stayed busy with; Pet dogs, trialing her own Dog, and training with K-9 units and other mentors nationally (always looking to better her trainer and decoy skills). This is how she learned about Koru, through Ray Murphy and HRD. Eloise currently has a career firefighting, and instructs and assists with various Fire Academies, and owns her own Pet/Working Dog company. We are happy to have her as a part of the team and happy to see Tennessee on the Koru K9 map!