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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Ericka has been training dogs since 2000. Ericka has run her own dog training business, that included running a working sheep ranch with 200 sheep and 11 working dogs, developing and managing the behavior department for two animal shelters, training and competing with dogs in agility, conformation, obedience, rally-o, weight pull, nosework, mondioring, and lure coursing, and helping thousands of people and dogs live better lives together. Ericka is certified in several programs that help people and dog live happier lives together. These include: The Train to Adopt Program making dogs in the shelter more adoptable as well as provide them with daily mental stimulation through training. The Training Wheels program, that keeps dogs out of the shelter by providing mobile behavioral and medical assistance to the community. She also became certified in the Lug Nuts program that helps intercity kids keep out of dog fighting and give them an outlet to “show off” their dogs while using positive reinforcement training and fostering a community bond. Ericka excelled in her ability to match dogs and people together to make life long matches in the Asses a Pet program. In addition, she is certified in the Pets for Life program helping owners transition their new dog or puppy in their home. Dog Sport are her passion. She loves to help pet dog owners make the jump to dog sports and reap the benefits! Ericka believes training is more than just teaching dog behaviors. Seeing the relationships that develop between dog and owner and the freedom that well-trained dogs can experience is what is it all about. In addition to working with Koru K9, Ericka is the lead trainer for the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers where she teaches several courses — with her favorite being Detection. Ericka is a NoseWork Judge, CGC Evaluator, and the President of a NoseWork and Rally Obedience Club.