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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Originally from New Zealand, Keryn grew up surrounded by family animals that were often rescues. From a young age, she learned to form bonds with a variety of different animals, particularly dogs, and learned the importance of reading body language, reciprocating love and affection, and providing a safe haven for them. In 2008 Keryn and her family moved to California, USA, and while it was an exciting time, Keryn also struggled with adjusting to the culture and meeting new peers. Constantly seeking new and rewarding activities to fill her schedule, Keryn began volunteering at various local animal shelters and helped also with canine adoption events. Her love for dogs and desire to give back finally collided and she regularly helped to exercise, bathe and socialize the dogs to set them up for success and provide them the critical lifeline they needed – a chance of adoption into a loving new home. 

Even after beginning full time work, Keryn couldn’t imagine her life not being surrounded by animals. She decided to enroll with numerous dog walking and pet sitting companies in California and eventually traded life in corporate American to pursue her true passion, animal care. After starting her own business in pet care she quickly noticed a recurring pattern of struggle between dogs and their owners, the inability to effectively communicate and understand one another.  Watching the stress, chaos and ongoing behavioral issues that put both the owner and the dog at jeopardy motivated Keryn to study and pursue training that allows her to bridge the gap between owners and their beloved canine companions. Just like humans, every dog has a history and some have had a tougher start than others, predominantly due to human error. Her desire is to be an advocate for dogs and set them up on a path to success, and assist and educate their owners on creating a plan for success that gives both them and their dog safety, stability and peace of mind. Whether they are puppies needing training and guidance at the start of their journey, or are trying to overcome issues stemming from past traumas, aggressive behavior, fear, lack of socialization, creating a language and building structure that dogs need and can be understood by both human and dog is her number one goal.