Ready for real training?

Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

I highly recommend Koru K9 San Francisco for expertise in learning to work with your dog. Sofia, the trainer we worked with, helped us to understand what we had been doing right, taught us to use different tools and methods that met the individual needs of our dogs, and supported us and our efforts as we learned to work with our easily excitable corgi. We contracted for 7 training sessions which took place over 3-4 months. We saw improvement after the very first session and at the end of 7 sessions, we have a dog who is considerably better behaved and less reactive. Even our neighbors comment on the difference. Again, I highly recommend Koru K9 San Francisco. For those interested in a bit more detail of our experience, read on.

We reached out to Koru K9 San Francisco to address our 2 year old Corgi’s reactivity issues toward other dogs. As a puppy, he had been through different group training sessions was a star pupil, and was happy to be around and play with other dogs. At about 11 months old, he suddenly became reactive with other dogs, he even went after our other Corgi. We chalked it up to “challenging the pack order” as that fit with his age. Also, we noticed his reactivity was heightened if I showed attention to another dog. We worked with a dog trainer (NOT KORU K9) to try to address this behavior. While we had some success, a year later, we were still dealing with the behavior issues. After learning of Koru K9, I had a phone consultation and scheduled an in person evaluation. The phone consultation helped me to understand Koru K9’s balanced training approach. The in person evaluation let me know Sofia, the trainer we’d been matched with, had the skill and expertise needed to help us work with our dog. Over the 7 sessions, Sofia taught us methods to work with Pickles and taught us how, when, and why to use a prong collar and e-collar with Pickles. In addition, she offered different suggestions to improve our other dog’s behaviors. I was really impressed with her ability to see the differences in our two dogs and to quickly identify different methods that would work with each dog. It was not a one size fits all approach to working with your dog. Also, very importantly, Sofia set a reasonable expectation for us. She told us, “I can’t make him like other dogs.” To which I replied, “I’m okay with that, I just need him to not lunge and growl at other dogs.” She said that aiming for “neutral” was a reasonable expectation and achievable.

THE RESULT: After 7 training sessions, Pickles walks in a heel (this happened in the first 10 minutes of the 1st training session), while Pickles will notice another dog and may bark or growl, he no longer lunges at the other dog or pulls my arm trying to get to the other dog (more improvement to come on this), we’ve successfully dined out at a restaurant with both dogs with other dogs passing the patio where we sat, Pickles runs off leash in off leash parks with large open spaces and comes back with the aid of the e-collar, play time includes games that utilize Pickles natural energy level AND reinforces training, and most importantly, our household has far less stress as we better understand Pickles needs and how to communicate with him (and he understands what it is that we are asking of him).

Mary Ann H