It’s the final week for the Beast of the Bay 2015 awards…voting ends this Saturday, January 31.
CLICK HERE TO VOTE. Enter Koru K9 Dog Training & Rehabilitation in line 42 for Best Private Trainer.

The Bay Area A-List is sponsoring the Best Pet Trainer competition! We are excited to be in first place, but need your help in retaining that status. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

For those of you that have voted, we cannot thank you enough for your support! It means more to the dogs whose owners find their way to us through these lists.


We are partnering up with ToutSuite Social Club to offer live, virtual and interactive dog training! This means you’ll be able to attend our classes from the comfort of your own home but, unlike traditional web based training, you will be interacting with us…live and streaming!

If you are a current client, imagine being able to interact with your trainer in between sessions and get live feedback. Having troubles with your dog in between training appointments…you’ll be able to interact with us via video…all with a simple click on your phone.

And this is just the starting point…we’ll be offering other online classes and training as well!

Our first class is schedule for March 29th and we want YOU to help us with the topic for this class. CLICK HERE TO VOTE on a topic!