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Shaping Behavior

By Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation Ray and I were at breakfast at the Seal Rock Inn this weekend. There was a family sitting next to us having breakfast. The dad was sandwiched in between his two young sons who were coloring. One would scream to get the father's attention, begging the father to

Supplementing Your Dogs Diet: Part 1

By Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation A few days ago, we posted an introduction to feeding your dog a species appropriate diet. Now I would like to talk a bit about supplementation. Just like with humans, there is a lot of back and forth on what supplements, if any to take. My stance

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Feeding Your Dog a Species Appropriate (Raw) Diet

By Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation My own journey into raw feeding started with my cats. I fed them nothing but the highest quality kibble, yet Star passed away suddenly at the age of 9 from renal failure. And so my research and education about species appropriate diets began. My cats were on a

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How Dog’s Learn

In our blog post, "Consistency is Key," we touched briefly on how dogs learn. This blog post is a brief introduction on a few key concepts that are important to understanding how dogs learn and what Koru K9's dog training philosophy is based on. Operant vs Classical Conditioning If you took any Psychology classes, then

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Consistency is Key

You think to yourself, “Oh, just this once, Fido looks so cute. I’ll let him [insert behavior here]...just this once.” Fess many of you are guilty? And how many of you were aggravated the next time Fido repeated that behavior? You know what I’m going to say, right? As a dog owner you must

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