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Our unique hands-on teaching methodology focuses on learning through doing. With a small class size and access to the industry's best trainers, our program offers a unique blend of world-class instruction combined with real-world business know-how that give you the tools you need to stand out amongst your peers.

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Program Details

Program Locations

  • Portland, OR
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Enrollment Dates

  • May 7 – May 18 (Portland)
  • August 20 – August 31 (Portland)
  • September 30 – October 11 (Dallas-Fort Worth)


Course fee: $3,950
Accommodations: Self-arranged

Program Length

14 consecutive days

Who you'll learn from

Portland Team

Heather Dodson-Schock Lowell

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 7
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Dallas - Fort Worth Team

Sierra Fabian

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 5
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Day Topics Overview
Day 1 Building motivation and relationships, understanding breeds and their requirements
Day 2 Animal husbandry for multiple dogs including sanitation, vaccinations, daily exercise and more
Day 3 Genetics, drives and how they translate to behavioral issues
Day 4 Engagement in the environment and socialization as well as managing your own schedule, pricing and invoicing clients, using communication programs, about Team Koru and more
Day 5 Shaping, luring and conditioning
Day 6 Learn to apply NePoPo™ from NePoPo™ Gold School Graduate Heather Dodson
Day 7 Chunking behaviors together, phasing out cues, pressure, visuals, consolidation of learning and training the client
Day 8 Proper use of various tools used in dog training
Day 9 Behavior modification, health and nutrition, pain related behavioral problems, understanding aggression
Day 10 Working with aggressive animals, safety during multi dog interactions, revisit housekeeping and managing your own schedule
Day 11 How to properly conduct an onboard, writing recap emails, creating client training plans, writing homework for clients
Day 12 Shadow onboards, go home lessons, recap lessons, pick ups and assist with lessons

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