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Designed to fit your busy schedule, our distilled, 6-day course is designed to help you learn at an accelerated pace. Compared to our regular, 2-week master's program, our accelerated program takes place over 3 consecutive weekends where we teach you the essential principles of dog training & client management. With a small class size and access to the industry's best trainers, our accelerated program concentrates our unique blend of world-class instruction and real-world business know-how to give you the skill and confidence to become a dog trainer that will deliver results.

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Program Details

Program Locations

  • Seattle, WA

Enrollment Dates

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Course fee: $2,060
Accommodations: Self-arranged

Program Length

3 weekends

Who you'll learn from

Seattle Team

Damian Blanton

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Certifications • 2
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What you'll learn

Topics Overview
Weekend 1 Learning the basics: In our first 2 days, we will cover the basics of the Koru method, genetics, motivation, drive and training tools. These 2 days will build a solid foundation for more in-depth training.
Weekend 2 Client Management: Learn how to build trust with clients through support & communication, as well as optimal procedures for onboarding, recaps and providing homework.

Dog Training: Learn what it really means to socialize dogs, how to work through pressure and stress, build mental endurance and making behavior modifications that will last.
Weekend 3 Client Management Learn how to train a client to train their dog by setting realistic expectations, dealing with resistance and non-commitment and best practice for recaps.

Dog Training Learn how health and nutrition impact behavior, as well as training, to work with aggression, anxiety and fear.

Our 3-weekend course will conclude with a mock onboard where you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge over the last 3 weeks.

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