Ready for real training?

Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Ready for real training?

The best training approach for your dog is unique to them, so our first step is to get to know their needs. For the most informed conversation, please include the following information: behaviors, specific training goals, dog breed, and age.

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I went to Koru K9 after noticing unusually aggressive behavior from my 2 y/o pit bull mix, Mara, around other dogs. I had begun working with a positive reinforcement trainer and wasn't seeing any results...

Camryn Reid | 2 years ago

Clover was a great trainer. The difference I see with my dog is night and day. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kyle Sankey | a week ago

Jee-Hae & Deug-Min with Koru K9 were an incredible (brother/sister) team. I literally called Jee-Hae in tears seeking a last resort for our hot-mess of a rescue mix. He literally is every prey/high d...

Taryn Perry | 4 months ago

Jee Hae Choe is an incredible dog whisperer! Without her help we would have been unable to keep our wild unmannered husky. I’ve trained many dogs before but I was not getting anywhere with Xena and cou...

Rebecca Andrews | 2 months ago

John took my dogs in and was able to work on them over the span of a whole month. In that month he helped one of them get better with her fear aggression, pulling on her leash, and lack of focus when out...

Marco Antonio Perez BA | 2 weeks ago

Our 1 year old had serious issues with resource guarding and had some aggressive behavior. Our positive trainer said a board and trainer is sometimes needed for such behavior. We called Koru, and signed...

Brad Dahl | 3 weeks ago

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From preventing to improving, our balanced training approach and comprehensive program options will transform your pet and transform your life with a canine companion that is the perfect addition to your pack. All trainers are hand-selected by owners Ray & Bridget Murphy to provide industry-leading expertise in the following 13 states:

Outside of our areas of coverage?

We offer Skype or Facetime training sessions.

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Outside of our areas of coverage?

We offer Skype or Facetime training sessions.