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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

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Our puppy programs are designed to start your puppy off on the right paw! Training for your puppy should begin the moment you bring your puppy home. Our programs establish effective communication and boundaries for you and your puppy. Koru K9 accomplishes this by being a positive influence and shaping the behavior of your growing puppy through our holistic approach. Your puppy will be immersed 24/7 in our training program designed specifically to give your puppy a positive head start in life to build their confidence! This program is for puppies between the age of 16 weeks old and under 6 months old. If your dog is over 6 months of age or has preexisting behavioral issues, see our standard programs (In-Home, Board & Train, Hybrid Training). These puppy programs begin to create a solid foundation of structure, basic commands and overall obedience to help them succeed in becoming an upstanding canine companion.

Behaviors and commands your dog will learn:

  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Socialization to noises, objects, people, etc.
  • Desensitization to being handled and touched
  • Leash manners
  • Addressing mouthiness or chewing
  • Address any jumping issues
  • Name recognition
  • Heel, Sit, Down, and Beginning recall
  • Meal time etiquette
  • Car ride etiquette
  • Working on focus and impulse control
  • Address any demand barking

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Programs for your puppy:

Included in these programs:

  • Pick up and drop off
  • In-home training in one of our trainer’s homes and 24/7 immersion in our training program
  • One-on-one personalized attention with a Koru K9 trainer
  • Two updates per week including multiple pictures and videos
  • Two follow up lessons after the Board & Train
  • Phone and email support during and after the program


Pricing is dependent on the location and duration of the program and is exclusive of training tools.

Program Prices Starting From
Puppy Power Head Start $4,240
The Perfect Puppy (NEW!) $7,610

Your companion is worth it. Your peace of mind depends on it.

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