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Our in-home training programs consist of a trainer coming to your home and facilitating a series of training sessions that show you how to be a better handler for your furry friend and understand the dog that you have. We show you how to focus on the daily details, rules, and structure as well as how to correct behaviors that are unwanted or unsafe, and reward the behaviors that are great.

We specialize in being able to help the most challenging dog behavior problems, as well as setting the foundation for success and preventing problem behaviors that most families struggle with.

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In-Home Training Is Best For:

How It Works

In-Home Training consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Initial Onboard Session

Our initial Onboard Training Session is 1.5 to 2-hours, and consists of a consultation with you, assessment of your dog, and hands-on training with you and your dog. We will meet with you and your dog, conduct a detailed interview about your dog’s history and behavior, assess your dog’s behavior, and clarify your training goals. We will design a rehabilitation training plan to efficiently and effectively train and/or modify problem behavior, and most owners will start to see results after this first training session.

Step 2: Private Training Sessions

After the Onboard Training Session, we will work with you and your dog privately in approximately 60-minute training sessions held either in your home or in real-world settings. We offer single-session rates or discounted rates for 3-, 5-, 7-, or 9-sessions.

Your companion is worth it. Your peace of mind depends on it.

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