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Meet Julia and Nico

Julia and Nico came to us as a referral from our friends over at Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue. Julia had recently rescued Nico and, well, let's just say his behavior left something to be desired. Julia thought that maybe his behavior would "just work itself out." When it comes to problem behaviors, this is

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Is Your Dog the Boss?

We’ve all had THAT Boss. You know the like him, he’s a nice enough guy...but, well, when it comes right down to it, he’s just a horrible boss. You end up doing all the things that your Boss is supposed to do...tasks that you never wanted to do, don’t feel comfortable doing and aren’t

Dog Parks and Socialization

I could watch my dogs run and play and have fun for hours. There is this pure freedom and childlike quality that just puts a smile on anybody’s face watching them. That being said, I strongly dislike dog parks and advise our clients against going to them. Yes, you heard me correctly... Dog parks are

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