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From Pulling to Heeling! Isol’s Walk Before and After

Isol's family is a newly blended one. Her family contacted us in gaining help and control over escalating fights between the two new doggie roommates. We are helping establish environmental management, leadership and structure, but also had some work to do on obedience as well. Isol had learn how to walk with a harness and

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Balanced Dog Training

The unfortunate truth is that the world of dog training is hugely divided. We are all in this business because we love, respect and want to help dogs, but somehow the human ego has gotten in the way and created an industry with a lot of contempt and childish name calling being thrown around. Quite

Jolene – Before and After

Jolene's parents contacted us for help with her anxiety and pretty crazy pulling on leash. Jolene is a German Shepherd‬ mix with a lot of drive...which you can see led to some pretty heavy duty pulling on leash. Jolene was being walked on a standard flat collar which puts uneven pressure on her neck when

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