Do you want to set your own schedule? Maybe you want to take vacations when you want to?  How about not having to deal with the daily grind of the administrative side of dog training? ⁣

Come join the fastest growing dog training company!⁣

Koru K9 Dog Training & Rehabilitation has experienced exponential growth over the years!  We are looking to keep on growing with the right individuals. Our top in home trainers have the ability to make $100,000+ a year


– San Francisco ⁣

– Peninsula⁣

– East Bay⁣

– Seattle-Tacoma Metro Area ⁣

– Portland⁣

– Vancouver⁣

– St. Louis (In Home Trainer)⁣

– Dallas-Fort Worth (In Home Trainers)⁣

– Austin ⁣

– Denver Metro ⁣

⁣If you do not see a location near you, please reach out to us. We are looking for quality trainers, and great location to expand into. ⁣

We are seeking experienced, balanced trainers. Our ideal candidates are:⁣

✔️ Experienced with working a wide variety and range of dogs and behavior issues⁣

✔️ Working your own dog in some capacity⁣

✔️ Ready and willing to work with a high caliber team, and understand the value of doing so. NO EGO. We mean it. We do what we do because we love helping dogs and their owners; it’s about them, not us. We have an incredible team of highly talented and successful trainers, you must be a good addition to that. ⁣

✔️ Excellent with communication and organization⁣

✔️ Graduates of Highland K9, TRS and Tarheel Canine (or schools along those lines)⁣

Koru K9 has experienced incredible growth and there is no end to that in sight.⁣

– San Francisco Bay Area⁣

– Seattle-Tacoma⁣

– Portland⁣

– Denver Metro⁣

– Jacksonville, FL⁣

– Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex⁣

– St. Louis⁣

⁣We work with any dog, any breed, any problem… Which means the right candidate must excel at training everything from puppies, to dealing with human aggression cases. You must understand not only the intricacies of dog training, but, most importantly, training the humans at the end of the leash. ⁣

✔️ You’ll be busy if you want to be. For private in home — plan for at least 10-20 new clients per month, largely based on your availability⁣

✔️ All trainers are ICs — you set your own schedule⁣

✔️ It’s a sweet gig where you are going to focus on the clients, and we take care of the rest⁣

✔️ You will need a reliable car, as you will be driving to clients⁣

✔️ Our trainers make 60-70% of total training packages sold, depending on experience (with the goal to get trainers being paid 70% as quickly as possible). You are paid well for your hard work.⁣