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Izzy has spent her entire lifetime surrounded by animals and was always the resident expert for all family and friends with pet questions. At an early age, Izzy began pet sitting and quickly became comfortable with a plethora of animals and animal husbandry techniques. As she continued to expand her animal care network, she remained close with her two family dogs, Scout and Sequoia. Although her love for all animals persists, her true passion remains in dog behavior. Izzy began studying her own two German Shepherd’s behavior and researching operant conditioning and classical conditioning. Her German Shepherds sparked an ongoing curiosity obedience training and she was inspired by her dogs’ ever-present drive to learn and engage. This continued interest in training led her to volunteer countless hours at the Humane Society of Ventura County. Her time working with high risk shelter dogs gave her the opportunity to work hands on with many difficult cases and observe behavioral changes brought on by a highly stressful kennel situation. Her natural ability to read canine body language made her one of the few volunteers who could handle the more difficult dogs in the shelter. She committed to help as many reactive dogs as she could and make training her career. While seeking a training school, Izzy met Heather, an animal behaviorist with 10 years of experience and a degree in behavior and neuroscience. Heather recognized Izzy’s natural talent and immediately took her under her wing and into her internship program. Under the guidance of a behaviorist, Izzy practiced training fundamentals with several dogs with varying degrees of reactivity. Over the course of her internship, Izzy worked with several challenging cases of human aggression, dog aggression, fear reactivity, resource guarding and more. It quickly became clear, training dogs saves lives, and this constantly fuels her passion to learn more and grow as a behaviorist. Izzy continues her education by attending seminars and seeking her perfect working dog companion who will most likely be another German Shepherd. Once she finds her future working dog, Izzy wants to continue to expand her knowledge of the field by competing in PSA, GRC and scent work.