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Kareena Moore is a Certified Master Dog Trainer who graduated from Tarheel Canine in Sanford, North Carolina. She grew up in the beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington where she competed in 4-H with her horse, Toye where she went to the State Championships in Western Gaming. She started her love for dogs and more specifically working dogs when she got her cattle dog, Po. She experimented with Po and his herding capabilities out at the ranch with the horses and that then led her on the road to North Carolina to attend Tarheel Canine, specializing in police dogs and training. Most recently, Kareena trained pets in Chicago, Illinois, at Chicago Canine Company while apprenticing under Jonathan Katz, PSA Judge and highly respected working dog trainer. While she was there she worked with rescued and abandoned senior dogs along with all of the knowledge she began to learn in the world of sport dog training. After learning more about these dogs she has become more driven to educate people about the dogs they are getting and the responsibilities of owning them. When Kareena is not busy training her clients’ dogs, she enjoys training her own dogs in different sports and activities like PSA, French Ring Sports, Agility, tracking, and various odor detection. Kareena is also a co-host on The Balanced Dog Podcast, along with Sr. Trainer, Samantha Lee, and Koru K9 Owner, Bridget Murphy.