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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Seyonna grew up in a small town in California called Chester. She bought her home in Hamilton Branch California and spends a lot of her spare time gardening, and enjoying the lake. She has 3 young children and spends a great deal of time coaching, and volunteering outside of work. She brought her first dog Tiena home when she was in elementary school. Growing up with labs, and chihuahuas throwing a cattle dog in the mix was a whole new world. Seyonna now has her second cattle dog Juniper and her little brother Borris the Basset hound.  The dogs love the lake and spending time with the kids at the ball field. Like Seyonna did to her parents when she brought Tiena home for the first time, her kids found an abandoned cat at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere living on a pile of rocks. They now call him Rocky. With a very active lifestyle and a full plate, having a job that she loves helping owners with their pets is an indescribable reward. Over the years Seyonna has worked for Koru K9 she has developed a strong background in customer service and has organized and managed over 60 people. The level of organization and attention to detail that comes with running the office has truly been a great learning experience. This job is nothing short of amazing and working with a company as great as Koru K9 has been a blessing. Helping thousands of owners with their dogs, and finding trainers to fit the Koru family has been life changing for Seyonna. Thank you for joining our pack!