Behavior Modification

How To Teach Your Dog Boundaries

Like any healthy relationship -- clearly communicated boundaries are a GOOD thing ?. Many dog owners dream of having a dog ? they can take everywhere, let them do anything. ?All without any rules, structure, or boundaries, without earning the freedoms the dogs are afforded. But many times those exact freedoms are the things that are a detriment to

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From Pulling to Heeling! Isol’s Walk Before and After

Isol's family is a newly blended one. Her family contacted us in gaining help and control over escalating fights between the two new doggie roommates. We are helping establish environmental management, leadership and structure, but also had some work to do on obedience as well. Isol had learn how to walk with a harness and

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Balanced Dog Training

The unfortunate truth is that the world of dog training is hugely divided. We are all in this business because we love, respect and want to help dogs, but somehow the human ego has gotten in the way and created an industry with a lot of contempt and childish name calling being thrown around. Quite

Jolene – Before and After

Jolene's parents contacted us for help with her anxiety and pretty crazy pulling on leash. Jolene is a German Shepherd‬ mix with a lot of drive...which you can see led to some pretty heavy duty pulling on leash. Jolene was being walked on a standard flat collar which puts uneven pressure on her neck when

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Elvis the Frenchie Loose Leash Heel

Check out Elvis the Frenchie heeling like a champ! Prior to working with us, Elvis was pulling like a freight train, which made it difficult for his mom to control him on leash (let alone enjoy their walk together). Due to a prior neck injury, we cannot use any leash pressure on his neck, so

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Excellence is a Habit

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle Consistency. Perhaps the single most important aspect in dog training and rehabilitation, other than timing. As humans, we deal with a lot of gray areas in life. However, our furry companions do not. Dogs are very black and white.

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The Art of Timing in Dog Training

They say that timing is everything. As a matter of fact, in my (and many other trainers') opinion, timing is one of the things that is critical to being a good dog trainer. What exactly do we mean when we talk about "timing" anyway? Timing refers to that instant that you deliver some type of

Teach Your Dog a Place Command

The Place sounds so simple. Go lay down on your bed and wait to be released. So seemingly simple...but really not at all! The Place Command is an obedience command that we use as a protocol for when visitors come over. It's fantastic when used in rehabilitating dogs with fear based issues or aggression

Diego and Maya Graduate

Congratulations to Diego and Maya on graduating today! These guys have made some amazing progress...which is all thanks to their parents hard work and dedication to training! Read Diego and Maya's mom's review of us: "We just completed five sessions with Ray and our two large Estrela Mountain Dogs. Ray changed our lives!! We had

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