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By Koru K9 Dog Training + Rehabilitation

Last week we published a blog post about Effective Leadership for your dog. As dog trainers, we primarily receive calls when dogs are exhibiting problem behaviors. One of the first things we do is look at your role as a leader in your dog’s life. Your dog looks to you to be calm, effective, dependable and somebody that will keep them safe. If you are not filling that roll for them, they will fill it themselves.

Meet Alex and his incredibly cute Yorkie, Charlie. Charlie is approximately 16 months old and all of 5 pounds. But by the end of their walks, Alex’s shoulder was sore because Charlie was pulling hard or spinning all over on leash. Charlie had anxiety issues during their walk and felt the need to take control. And, like most dogs, Charlie would rather be in a position in his pack where he feels safe following a leader, not one where he needs to take control and be one. We met with the family and introduced them to our set of house rules and policies, leaving Alex with a long list of homework to work on over the course of the week.

At our next appointment, only one week later, Charlie (and Kobe for that matter) was a different dog! The pictures you see above is Charlie walking on leash with a flat collar (no corrective collar). Charlie was walking politely without pulling or spinning on leash, spending the majority of the walk looking up to Alex…completely focused on his dad.

These two are such a shining example of how effective, calm leadership inside the home transfers over into all parts of your daily life with your dog…especially the walk! A huge thank you to Alex and Charlie for being such stellar students and dedicating the time and effort to improving their relationship and their lives. These changes don’t happen overnight, and they aren’t easy…but they are always worth it. Just ask Alex and Charlie!