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We have a little bragging about our dog, Nero! We are very excited to report that Ray and Nero received a PSA PDC this past weekend at a trial held in Chicago. PSA is a civilian outlet for obedience and protection training (bite work). The PDC (Protection Dog Certificate) is entry level certificate so that, eventually, they can move on to the competitive levels (PSA 1 through 3). Each level is more and more challenging, and all levels test obedience and bite work scenarios.

Nero completed an obedience routine and then three protection scenarios: a car jacking, attack on handler and courage test.

We are very proud of our Little Dude and super excited to continue on training for the PSA 1! A note of gratitude and a million thanks to our friend, mentor and all around cool cat, Jonathan Katz at Chicago Canine Company, who has done so much to help and support us in preparation for Nero’s trial. If you are in the Chicagoland area, they are your go-to for all things dog!