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Walter’s owners began struggling with his aggression shortly after bringing him home. At 12 weeks, Walter’s aggression began to grow from growling to snarling to even biting at his owners when they tried to take anything away from him. Walter’s mom is an experienced dog owner who had never had trouble in the past with any of her previous dogs. However, she said, “Nothing could get him to soften his bite or give up something he had. I admit I was actually afraid to try to take something away from him!”

Feeling like she had no options left, Walter’s mom decided it was time to seek professional help.

Walter’s mom spent time doing extensive research, she stumbled across Koru K9 and read hundreds of our reviews. Walter’s mom was pleasantly surprised to see our many positive reviews. “What surprised me was how many people had success with the board and train programs, something of course I would never consider. As far as I knew, the only people who sent their dogs away were for hunt training.” After calling Koru K9, Walter’s mom said, “The office staff were professional and eager to help.” Once Walter’s mom explained exactly what they were struggling with, they were set up with Jourdan as Walter’s trainer and got right to work forming a plan of action. Walter’s mom knew that Koru K9 was the best fit!

“I liked [Jourdan] immediately!  She never made any promises to “fix” Walter, but was sure she could get him a good foundation.”

The three main areas of focus for Walter were:

  • Obedience
  • Agression
  • Walking on leash

After discussing these areas of focus with Jourdan, it was decided that the best plan of action for Walter was our two week puppy Board & Train Program. Walter’s mom was hesitant to send her young puppy away and initially doubtful of what Walter could learn in two short weeks, but Walter and his mom trusted us and we are so glad they did! Within the first video update, Walter’s mom was shocked to see the progress Walter had made with his trainer by learning the place command and walking on a leash in a heel position.

I’m pretty sure I cried when I watched the videos! One thing that stands out when watching them was how focused he was on Jourdan and how happy he seemed – lots of tail wagging!”

As Walter got older, he started to play a bit more aggressively and was reluctant to “drop it” when told. Walter’s mom thought it would be a good time for a tune up on Walter’s training. At about 7 months old, Walter returned for a three week Board & Train Program. This time, Walter and Jourdan worked on obedience and heeling on and off the leash. Walter’s mom has “complete and total trust in Jourdan”. 

I have to say, the results were beyond amazing!  Walter can play “fetch” as well as any retriever, he will heel perfectly off or on leash and will “back into” or “side step into” the heel position perfectly. He will also drop what’s in his mouth when asked to!!” 

Walter has been known to receive compliments on his obedience and control while playing fetch at the dog park. “While far from perfect, Walter is very close to it. He’s only 8 months old (I have to keep reminding myself that he is just a puppy), but with Jourdan’s training (we still have some sessions) there’s no reason that he can’t be perfect!”

“For someone who would never send their dog away for training, let alone twice – I am a believer! I am so much of a believer, I have sent three coworkers to Koru (and Jourdan) for Board and Train programs. It is worth every penny and will pretty much guarantee a well-balanced and obedient dog – if they follow through!” – Walter’s Mom