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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Like any healthy relationship — clearly communicated boundaries are a GOOD thing.

Many dog owners dream of having a dog they can take everywhere and let them do anything. All without any rules, structure, or boundaries, without earning the freedoms the dogs are afforded.

But many times those exact freedoms are the things that are a detriment to your relationship with your dog, and your dog’s behavior. And then we hear:

“My dog is stubborn and doesn’t listen to me.”

Your dog isn’t stubborn. 

Your dog isn’t listening to you because there is a relationship issue.

Everything in your dog’s life adds up. If you spend the day allowing your dog to do whatever they want, without any rules, structure, or boundaries — your dog isn’t viewing you as their leader (parent, advocate, or whatever you want to call it). Your dog is viewing you as their equal.

Your dog will find what works for them — and that is usually a laundry list of things that we don’t want them to be doing.

✔️ Pulling
✔️ Reacting
✔️ Digging
✔️ Overly excited / anxious
✔️ Jumping on people
✔️ Attention demanding
✔️ Whining
✔️ Growling

The list goes on.

And as those behaviors start to work for them, they will do them MORE. And with more intensity.

It’s up to you to set boundaries. Set them and stand by them — boundaries are non-negotiable‼ As your dog begins to understand the boundaries that you have established — you’ll see them start to relax, and look to you more for guidance.