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We’ve all had THAT Boss. You know the one…you like him, he’s a nice enough guy…but, well, when it comes right down to it, he’s just a horrible boss. You end up doing all the things that your Boss is supposed to do…tasks that you never wanted to do, don’t feel comfortable doing and aren’t paid to do. But the bottom line is that somebody has to get the job done…somebody has to be the captain of this ship! The show has to go on and you feel that you are obligated to step up to the plate.

You may have had THAT coworker…you know the one that could care less. He sits back and watches it all happen and takes advantage of the lack of rules. He’s just generally rude and a pain to deal with.

You feel irritable and cranky that you have to do your Boss’ job for him. You are nervous and anxious because of the additional pressure and stress that this puts on you. You lash out at your other co-workers, even your family members because, well, when it comes right down to it…you just weren’t meant to be, nor do you want to be, the Boss. You lashing out isn’t necessarily the right thing to do, but it’s the only way for you to release all this anxiety, fear and pressure that you are feeling!

Are you sitting there wondering why I am talking about your horrible Boss when this is a Dog Training Blog? Read on…

Now it’s time for you to put yourself in your dog’s paws. Sorry to say, but if your dog perceives a lack of leadership or authority in your pack, then he has become you and you…well YOU have become THAT Boss. Some dogs will become nervous, fearful, anxious. They may lash out at you, or other dogs because, in their minds…they have to step up to do the job of leading and protecting the pack since you aren’t fulfilling that roll. Over time these behaviors only worsen.

Other dogs just resort to overall bratty behaviors like your coworker. The lack of leadership may not make them anxiety-ridden, but it does allow them to take full advantage of you and the situation. They become pushy, destructive or just an all-around pain in the rear.

The bottom line? Dogs make really crappy bosses. They want YOU to be their boss. Most dogs naturally want to follow a strong leader. They want rules, order and structure. They want to know what is right and wrong. They need guidance and consequences.

When we first step into a new client’s home for our Initial Evaluation and Training Session, we sit down and spend a good amount of time talking about a day in the life of the dog. About problem behaviors that may be present. About rules, boundaries and structure. We start INSIDE the home to address behaviors that occur outside the home because we know that if we address the lack of leadership that behaviors will change almost instantly.

Providing your dog with the guidance and structure that he craves and needs is going to allow him to relax and do his job and not have to worry about doing yours. He will look to you to make the decisions, to guide him and tell him what is right and wrong.

To be honest, this stuff isn’t complicated. The concepts are simple. It’s the implementation that is the tricky part. If you need help…give us a shout.