Ready for real training?

Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Jennifer has never been a stranger to dogs, Born into the world of dog shows, her grandparents have been breeding AKC Champion sporting dogs for 50+ years in Redwood City. She has been attending dog shows since she was born. Jennifer showed her first dog when she was 10 years old and ever since then, it has stuck. She competed in Junior Showmanship, and received thousands of dollars in scholarships, and has been featured in newspapers such as the Fresno Bee and San Mateo Daily Journal. 

Jennifer has qualified for one of the world’s most prestigious dog shows, the Westminster Kennel Club, 5 years in a row for junior showmanship. Jennifer took to the dog shows and got serious when she started working for various professional dog handlers. There she learned many “tricks of the trade” handling many different breeds ranging from Dachshunds to Black Russian Terriers, but the one that made the biggest imprint on her was grooming. Jennifer learned grooming styles such as hand scissoring, hand stripping, and mastering AKC breed cuts. She is passionate about transforming her guests into well-groomed, clean, and happy dogs.

Jennifer got sucked into the world of dog training through her ex-business partner with whom she traveled the country by attending multiple training seminars taught by world renowned trainers, PSA Decoy camps, grip development seminars, dog sport obedience seminars, French Ring seminars, and attending PSA nationals. Jennifer actively competes and has titled in PSA and French Ring, she is also the lead decoy of the Bay Area PSA Club. Jennifer is also learning how to train and build sport and police K9s.