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A Florida native, Marsie’s profound adoration for animals stems from her grandfather, whose tender affection for dogs sparked a lifelong passion within her. Growing up in Florida’s rural landscape, dogs were her playmates, filling her days with entertainment and unwavering companionship.

Amidst the captivating allure of the Gulf of Mexico, she and her family spent cherished moments scalloping and exploring the waters, etching memories that linger as some of her fondest.

Now a devoted mother of four, she has passed down a deep love of animals to each of them. Alongside her wonderful husband, their home has transformed into a bustling sanctuary adorned with chickens, turkeys, quail, goats, ducks, cats, and their beloved dog, Pepper—a vibrant haven for creatures both big and small.

Her life has been profoundly enriched by these cherished animals, teaching invaluable lessons of empathy, responsibility, and the sheer delight found in life’s simplest moments. Amidst the delightful chaos, her home resonates with the heartwarming essence of a harmonious animal kingdom.