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Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, Koru K9 will ensure that your canine companion is the perfect addition to your pack.

Will has centered his life around animals and began training dogs when he was 12 years old with his neighbor’s dog Sonny. Growing up, Will’s family had dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, frogs, and fish. You won’t find an animal he doesn’t love. While living in Arizona he spent years learning to read and track wildlife and used any day as an excuse to be outside in nature. After finishing his graduate degree in Arizona, Will’s love for nature and the outdoors drove him to migrate to the wilds of Montana. Here he was an avid volunteer at the Wild Wings Recovery Center as a wildlife technician. He began to care for the native birds of prey in the center and spent his free time tracking big cats in the mountains.

His love for training expanded in Montana when Will began riding and training horses. He interned under as many trainers as he could and found he was in constant pursuit of further education. His love for the outdoors drove him to his next adventure in the Pacific Northwest where he rescued a cattle dog named Colt. Diligently applying what he knew from his horsemanship training, he quickly fell in love with the bond Colt and he shared through their training journey. Colt was not a very confident dog, after living much of his life in a shelter- so they got to work and began building Colt’s confidence. His thirst for more knowledge led him to the Koru K9 Master’s Program where he graduated with high marks and began his training internship under NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator Heather Lowell. His goal is to never stop learning and he continues to pursue any education opportunities he can within the field of animal behavior, including a NePoPo Silver certification in Missouri. His dedication to dogs is evident in the hours he spends working with his own dogs, horses and client dogs. His passion is in building dog’s confidence and creating a lasting rapport with nervous or shut down dogs. This passion led Will to rescue a second dog, a Belgian Malinois named Luke, who came from a previous home of abuse and neglect. Will loves helping people learn to effectively communicate with their dogs and build a relationship through training and engagement. His own personal experience as a pet and working dog owner allows him the perspective to help other dog owners with similar behavioral issues. Owning a dog, especially a rescue dog is a daunting task, but Will’s goal is to spread education and awareness around dog training and to teach you to better your relationship with your own dog.

Will utilizes a holistic approach to dog training based on personal and professional experience working with wildlife, horses, and dogs. He specializes in training ‘adventure dogs’ that are confident companions who can join you for all the activities you love to do. That is why we have dogs, right? Camping, hiking, biking and road trips are all fantastic ways to bond with your dog and his goal is to create a rock solid obedience and engagement between you and your dog that allows your dog to safely and confidently join you on life’s adventures. When not helping clients, he is riding horses or out adventuring with his Cattle dog and Belgian Malinois in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.