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I sent my 6 year old female Pitt bill mix to board and train with Shane for the last month. Prior to training she was extremely aggressive towards other dogs, very nervous around people and had generalized anxiety around new things.
Shane sent picture and video updates with an explanation of how she was doing and her progress twice a week. I really looked forward to these updates and it was incredible seeing how much impact Shane was making on her every week.
He took her into new environments to build up her confidence and worked so diligently to improve her behavior. Shane truly is an amazing trainer.
My girl is a changed dog. She desperately needed this structure implemented into her life and I cannot begin to explain how much stress this has relived from my life.
A month ago I felt like a was up against a brick wall and that there was no hope for change and peace within my home.
Shane changed that for me and my family.
Thank you so much.

Brittany Reed